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Programs Tailor Made for All Reading Levels

The Basics

LCLC offers free tutoring to adults in Livingston County who wish to improve their skills in reading, writing, basic math, or English as a Second Language.  Each learner is professionally matched with a trained volunteer tutor, based upon the learner’s goals and needs.  All sessions are held in welcoming, safe, and positive learning environments.

Customized To Your Needs

Each learner establishes personal goals and individual calendar deadlines.  Together, the learner and tutor then create a custom process, based upon those goals.  You and your tutor will meet virtually or in a public place which is convenient for you, using a flexible schedule and tutor-supplied materials.

How To Begin

For questions about the tutoring process or to begin tutoring, call us at: (810) 207-5890 or email the tutoring coordinator at: or simply click on the 'Connect to Us' link above.

Please provide us with the following information:

​- First and Last Name

- Contact information- phone and email

- A few details about your literacy goals- i.e. (support for English Language Leaners, Reading and Writing comprehension, GED    prep, etc.) 

For general questions or to learn how you can volunteer with the organization, email us at: 

Learn to Read

Adult Education

If you are looking for more formal education beyond just tutoring, we have a strong partnership with the Livingston Educational Service Agency's Adult Education program. More information about this program can be found at

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